Quick Update Announcement!

Guess what, guys! The author of Ideal Global Equality (that’s me) is about to get his first paper published. Woooo! I just want to take the time to thank you for taking interest in my blog. Seeing the traffic and interactions here has inspired me to work harder towards my goal.

My paper or article, if everything goes well, will be appearing in my local newspaper. They liked it so much they might take me on as a part time writer. They love my views about equality and want to see more. I’ll have to share a snippet of the paper when it comes out but for now I’ll briefly tell you what my article’s about.

In my article I stress the importance of teaching inequality in elementary school as a means of combating a host of different social problems, one of them being bullying. I believe children who are aware of inequality are less prone to make fun of others for being less fortunate.

I think it’ll be a cool read for those interested. It took me weeks to write, as there’s a lot of research involved. Once again I just want to say thank you for taking interest in this here blog. Together we can make a big change in the world. Bye for now!


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