About our Cause

What does ideal global quality look like?

Note the importance of the word “ideal.” Perfect equality, we believe, would be a bad thing, as even nature has diversity and some people work harder than others.

Ideal global equality is not communism. It’s giving everyone the chance to reach their dreams. It’s eliminating extreme poverty.

In a simple sense, we believe ideal global equality is the the system that will make the most amount of people happy as possible. Whatever that system is, we’re here to discover it.

We do not claim to have the perfect system for generating equality. We ask you to join our discussions so we may make discoveries toward this pursuit together.

As students with little free time, we very much appreciate you sharing information with us. Much information towards our pursuit takes time to discover, and we’re all about discovering the ultimate solution to inequality.

Whatever ideal global equality is, and whatever the means of obtaining it is, we’ll discover it together! That is our cause!